Top 10 Best 8 Persons Tents in 2022 Review

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People who like camping and hiking needs a tent as one of the equipment. A tent is used to for sleeping when night time reaches, used as a shelter when it is raining and when the sun is very hot. Tents are available in different sizes and designs. An eight-person tent is what we will review today.

When purchasing a tent check on the material used to make it, the size, its weight (should be portable), cost, ease of assembly and disassemble and others. With this in mind, you should be capable to get the best tent for your outdoor activities.

The Best 8 Persons Tents

#1. Coleman 8-Person-Camping Elite-Montana, Has extended door-awning

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Coleman 8-person tent is available in different colors which includes blue, black and green. It is made from waterproof polyester material. This tent is spacious enough to hold 8 people and three queen size air-beds. The tent has weather Tec-system together with patented corner-welds plus inverted seams assist in keeping water out.

This tent has an extended door-awning where you can keep your shoes & gears. This tent has a hinged door which gives easy access. The tent dimension measures 16 feet by 7-feet with 6 feet and 2 inches as the center height. The tent can be easily set up and down. It comes with a carry bag which makes transportation easy.

#2. TOMOUNT 8-Person-Tent Professional-Ventilation, It is well ventilated

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TOMOUNT tent can comfortably hold 8 people and 3-Queen air mattresses. It is available in green, blue and red colors. It is windproof and pest proof. It comes with a carry bag which makes transportation easy. It is quick and simple to set it up.

It has a wind-responsive frame together with redesigned posts, making this tent extra stable on windy & rainy weather. It is well ventilated hence you will stay cool all the time at the time. It is lightweight hence more portable hence it is best for outdoor-scout camping, fishing in fair weather and hiking.

#3. ALPHA CAMP-Instant Traveling-Lightweight, It has to cord electrical access

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The alpha camp tent is made from advanced materials which makes it capable to block water and any other moisture outside. The product measures 12 inches by 9-inches floor space plus a center height of 76 inches. The tent can hold up-to eight people and sits 2 queen air-beds. It is easy to set it up.

This tent is well ventilated hence you will have a cool rest. It has five windows which have a top mesh-panel giving great ventilation. This tent is made with high-quality steel poles that are resistant to wind. The mesh-windows guard against insects & mosquito.

#4. Coleman 8-Person-Canyon Tent-Blue, Comes with dividers

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

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Coleman 8-person tent is available in three colors which include red, blue and black. It is spaciously designed to give 8 people enough room. This tent comes with dividers to let you make three separate spaces for privacy.

This tent measures 17-feets by 10-feet with 6 feet as the center height. It is simple to assemble and disassemble. It is also easy to pack it in separate bags. It is made to be strong and windproof. It has a waterproof floor and a roof.

#5. Coleman 8-Person-Evanston Camping-Screened, Has extended window-awnings

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch

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This tent can comfortably hold 8 people and 2-queen size air-beds. It is made of polyester material. It has a distinct screened room which is a bug-free area. It has the WeatherTec system which has patented welded-floors & inverted joints to properly drain water.

The product measures 15-feet by 12-feet with 6-feet at the center. It is equipped with Insta-Clip suspension which lets one secure the tent to the poles on a snap. It is easy to set it up and down. It has extended window-awnings which will let you retain the windows opened for improved air circulation and blocking the rain out.

#6. Gazelle 26800-T4 Plus-Portable Camping, Has a removable floor

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent, Easy Instant Set Up in 90 Seconds, 4 to 8 Person

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Gazelle 26800 tent can hold a maximum of 8 people. This product is made from one hundred percent polyester material which is waterproof. It is easy to set it up and down. It has a height of 78 inches. This tent has a strong pop-up hub-design.

It comes when it is fully assembled all you need is to pop-up. The tent is made with all-metal hubs & strong fiberglass-poles to make a solid building that resists tough winds. It has a removable floor to shake-out dirt & sand.

#7. Kodiak Canvas-Flex Bow-Deluxe 8-Person, Has 2 big D-shaped doors

Has 2 big D-shaped doors

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The tent is made from Hydra-Shield material, 100 percent cotton duck-canvas which is durable, breathable and watertight. The tent has a ceiling height of 6.6 inches hence one can comfortably walk around. This tent has 2 big D-shaped doors at the front & back.

This product has YKK zippers which are strong and durable. It has 4 big windows which have a no-see-um mesh. The 2 funnel-flow vents help in improving airflow & temperature management. This tent is equipped with heavy-duty 12-inch, stakes and steel rod.

#8. Coleman Octagon 8-Person-Outdoor Tent, Comes with a doormat

Coleman Octagon 8-Person-Outdoor Tent

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This tent has an Octagon shape and it is made from polyester taffeta-68D materials which are water-resistant. The tent can accommodate two queen air-beds or eight people. It is easy to set it-up. The tent measures 13 by 13 feet and 6-feet with 10-inch height at the center.

The tent has weatherTec system which has patented welded-floors & inverted are to keep one dry. Its frame is made strong to resist wind. The product comes with a doormat. The tent has color-coded poles which make it easy & quick to set it-up. The tent comes with a storage pocket where you can put in your devices and items.

#9. TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent-Professional Ventilation, It is anti-UV

TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent - Professional Waterproof & Windproof Camping Tent, Solid & Portable with Carry Bag, Easy & Quick Setup,Double Layer

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This tent is available in three different colors which include blue, green and red. It is spacious enough to hold eight people. It can comfortably accommodate 3 Queen-air mattresses making it best as a family tent. It is simple to set it up and down.

The whole system is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag hence more portable. It is anti-UV. The tent has 2-way zippers which make it suitable to get-in & out of a tent. The tent is stronger and more wind-responsive. It is well ventilated hence you will have a cool experience.

#10. Outbound 8-Person Camping-Perfect Backpacking, Has a front canopy

Outbound 8-Person Tent Dome Tent for Camping with Screen Porch and Carry Bag Perfect for Backpacking and The Beach

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This tent can hold a capacity of 8 people. It is made with a durable & strong fiberglass-frame which makes it fast and simple to set up. The tent has a D-Shaped door that has 2 in-built zip windows. The mesh roof-panels give superior ventilation.

This tent is weather-resistant. It has a front canopy which is water & weather protection. The product is made from polyester material which is durable and strong. The tent is lightweight and it comes with a zippered-duffle bag which makes storing and carrying easier.


With the best 8-person tent, you and your family are ready to go out for hiking. With the guide above you should be able to get the best tent for your activity. The best tent should be portable, easy to assemble, should be sun-proof, rainproof, free from bugs and insects, windproof and more. Take your time and get the best tent for yourself.

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