- Last Updated : November 25, 2019

Top 10 Best Alarm Clock Radio in 2019 Review

Are you among the people who struggle to wake up on time but not able? Here is a solution for you. Alarm clock-radio is a device that is used as an alarm and can also be used as a radio. Using an alarm clock is better because it is louder enough and it has different settings for different people.

Most alarm clock-radio has a setting for the heavy sleeper, you can snooze the alarm for some minutes and others have a large volume knob which can be easily operated on which one is still asleep. The different alarm clock radio has different extra features which include USB charging, wireless Bluetooth-connectivity, temperature & humidity detector, and other exciting features. Below is a list of the top best alarm clock radio.

#1. Display-Digital Adjustable-Brightness Powered

Has dimmable brightness

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This device has a 0 percent to 100 percent changeable brightness which is not common in the market today. It has low, medium & high-level illumination clocks. It is best for people that are delicate to light. The device has two alarms two ringtones.

You can easily set a wake-up sound to be a radio or a buzzer depending on your preference. It has an FM radio and a sleeper timer.it also has a USB charging port which allows you to charge your electronics. It is simple to operate the device. The device is both 12 and 24-hour time systems enabled.

#2. Clocks-Bedrooms-Dimmer-Snooze-Battery

Has a LED Display

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This device has an AM and FM tuner. It also has a buzzer & radio as an alarm sound. The AM/FM radio has a 10 to 90 minutes sleep-timer. One can easily auto-search radio station or one can manually change the frequency of the station one needs. It has a 0.6 inches LED Display which has a dimmer.

The device is designed to gradually increase the alarm sound so that you can wake up on time. The sound isn’t adjustable making it the best alarm for heavy sleepers. It has a snooze time of 9 minutes and an alarm ON/OFF button to wake you on the following day.

#3. DreamSky-Charging Display-Temperature Adjustable

Shows indoor temperature

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DreamSky Decent Alarm-Clock Radio has a USB port for charging your electronic devices. It has 1.2 Inch Blue LED Digit Display which has a dimmer. It is available in black and orange colors. The brightness can be completely adjusted from 100 percent to 0 percent for comfy viewing. One can easily switch between 12 and 24-hour system.

This device is capable to show indoor temperature. One can easily tune FM radio with 0-15 adjustable volume level. The alarm sound begins faintly the increases within 5 seconds. It has a snooze time of 8 minutes. The alarm sound can be a buzzer or a radio depending on your choice.

#4. PICTEK Projection-Display Digital-Bedrooms

Projects time

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This device is a projection alarm-clock with 15 FM-Radio alarm clocks. It has a 5-inches large curved LED Screen with 6-time brightness. It has a 180 degrees swivel projector that projects clear-time onto the ceiling or wall. The device has a dual alarm with a snooze button.
It has a 33-inch antenna that ensures the best signal reception to your radio. It has a USB port that can be used to charge your electronic devices. This clock gives you a snooze time of 9 minutes. It is equipped with a sleep timer-function that allows one to fall-asleep and the radio within 90-minutes.

#5. REACHER Charging-Adjustable Thermometer-Bedrooms

Has 7 snoozes

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REACHER alarm clock has dual different alarms. It has an FM radio and two USB charging ports to charge your electronic devices. It has 5 wake-up sounds and a radio. One can set alarm volume through separate buttons.

The soft-start alarm starts quieter & gradually becomes louder. The clock has 7 snoozes which each has 9 minutes. The radio has a sleeper time of 10 to 120 minutes. The time digits are simple to see even on a distance. It has 0.9-inch high LCD-digits.

#6. Emerson SmartSet-Radio Bluetooth-ER100301

Has Bluetooth connection

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Emerson alarm clock has a wireless Bluetooth-connection. It uses Bluetooth version 4.1. It is equipped with a USB output port which is used to charge your electronic devices. It is equipped with an FM radio which has a 20-station memory.

The device auto sets to the precise date, year, month, day & time immediately you plug-it in & after all power interruption. It is simple to read. It has a 1.4-inch Cyan LED-clock display which can be dimmed. It is also easy to program.

#7. Digital-Display Battery-Bedside Bedrooms

Has a sleeper time of up to 90 minutes

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This digital clock has an AM and FM Radio. It has a 1.2-inch big green number display. It has LOW and BRIGHT illumination according to what you need. The alarm sound can either be radio or beep bells depending on your favorite.

It is simple to operate and set time. The snooze, ON and OFF buttons are easily accessible. It comes with a backup battery hence when there is no power your clock will still operate. Has a sleeper time off in between 10 to 90 minutes.

#8. ANJANK-Charging Temperature-Brightness Headphone

Has a headphone jack

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ANJANK alarm clock-radio has 2 USB charging ports that are used to charge your electronic devices. The device has FM radio sleep-timer which switches off the radio after the set time. The device has a 3.2-inches LCD screen which displays big numbers.

It is easy to set time and to tune the radio. It has dual alarms with a 7-alarm sound and a radio station. The product is lightweight hence is more portable. This device shows the current room temperature. It is equipped with a headphone jack which is used to connect to an external speaker.

#9. Mpow-Projection Alarm-Clock LED

Has 120 degrees adjustable projector

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Mpow Projection Alarm-Clock has a 5-inches LED-curved screen. It has 15 FM radios. It is equipped with dual alarms and four alarm sounds. One can easily shift between 12 and 24 Hour time system. It has a USB charger that is used to charge your phone.

This device projects time on the wall or ceiling with 120 degrees adjustable projector. The optimal projection distance range is 7 to 10ft. This alarm clock is available in two colors which are blue and white.

#10. LBell-Colored-Simulation-Bedrooms-LB01-Sunrise

Has 8 colored sunrise-simulations

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LBell-alarm-clock has a wake-up light. It has eight colored-sunrise-simulation plus sleep-aid-feature. The device has a user-friendly feature setting depending on your different needs. The light gradually dims together with music which helps to fall asleep fast.

The FM radio can save up to 40 channels. It has two alarm settings which can be set at two different times. It has 7 natural alarm sounds for waking you up. The device has a USB port at the back which is used to charge your mobile phones.


When buying an alarm clock check on its design, size, ease of use, display, back-up power volume range and other things for you to get the best device. An alarm clock with extra features helps you to get the best from the device. With greater brightness, you can increase it and use it as a reading lamp, have the temperature reading of your room and use the USB port to charge your electronic devices. When buying check on the alarm sound that works well with you because some may be annoying.