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Firstly invented in early 1900, disc golf bag which is commonly known for Frisbee is now becoming one of the world’s favorite sports played by millions of people every country. One of the key materials that would make the disc golf game more enjoyable is by having the right, standardized and high-quality disc golf bags. Owning disc, on the other hand, is also another task that you need to be ready for because as much as the game is fun, taking great care of your stuff is also a great obligation.

For anyone who owns disc golfs, it’s most likely than not that you need to own a disc golf bag too in order to keep itself and neat when bringing to the field. However, since there are many choices of disc golf bags in the market, finding a good one for yourself, if you haven’t already, can be a great challenge in terms of time and products knowledge.

With all these thoughts, we’ve come up with this article where we compiled all the top-rated disc golf bags that have been reviewed by the real consumers. Keep reading to find out what those top 10 disc golf bags are:


10. D.D Dynamic Disc

Dynamic Discs Backpack Disc Golf Cart by ZUCA - TOP 10 BEST DISC GOLF BAG IN 2021 REVIEWS

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First one in the list, we have the top 10th disc golf bag from D.D Dynamic Disc. This bag features the backpack and cart sort of type. It is very great for such feature because users can then choose either to carry it as a backpack or rolling it on the surface. Both come to save you from having shoulder strain while trying to carry a lot of disc golf or even other typically large disc golf bag. D.D Dynamic Disc golf bag is super sturdy as it’s made with patented frame doubles and 51” telescoping handle that’s known for its capability to support up to 300 pounds.

Moreover, it has very big wheels by the bag. Such high-quality wheels allow portability and flexibility of the bag to be rolled over any terrains at any season. These wheels are also removable, so in case you don’t want to use it occasionally or you want to store it easily in limited room space, you can always remove it from the bag.

9. Discraft 12 Disc Tournament

Discraft 12 Disc Tournament Golf Bags

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Another high-quality disc golf bag in the list belongs to Discraft. What’s special about this disc golf back is that it is very spacious; comfortably fitting up to 12 discs golfs and even plus a towel. Moreover, it also features space reserves for water bottles and other necessary gears which you can find on both sides. It is very handy because whatever you need to bring to your game can easily fit in this bag.

What’s great about this bag too is that it uses PVC bottom; hence, it is fully waterproof. So you don’t have to worry that your stuff would get wet even if you put it on the watery surface. Besides, Discraft also features with a long strap which you can simply carry it cross-shoulder. Hence, it can reduce your body’s burden from hand-carrying all of these things.

8. Driven Disc Golf

Slingshot Disc Golf Bag by Driven (Bag only, Discs Sold Seperately)

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Not only being a disc golf leading supplier, but Driven Disc Golf is also the supplier for this top-rated disc golf bag at the top 8, too. With the bag model called Slingshot, it is designed with a lightweight concept, allowing you to comfortably carry your disc golf around. Moreover, it’s also very easy to access when it comes to putting or taking your disc golfs out because you do not even have to remove the bag as there’s enough space to drag it out.

This cross shoulder disc golf bag is ideal for any players who don’t usually carry a lot of discs to the game. Still, it can fit everything you’d need for the day; including up to 8 discs, phone, wallet, and other important items. From the insides, there are also internal dividers that you can use to personally organize your stuff so it is neat and clean.

7. Throwback Sports with oversized cooler

Throwback All Day Pack - Disc Golf Backpack with Oversize Cooler Built-in - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with 16 Disc Capacity

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On the top 7th, we have another disc golf bag in the form of a backpack which is form Throwback Sports. Featuring reasonably medium size yet able to accommodate more than 16 disc and other staffs, Throw Back Sport disc golf bag is definitely one of your first choices when thinking about getting yourself a bag. On the same note, this disc golf bag has several side pockets. What it does is that you can easily keep your disc there and take it whenever you want without having to zip open the bag.

What’s more interesting about this bag is also the fact that it has a massive insulated compartment inside the bag where you can put many drinks and it will remain cool and refreshing for the whole day. There’s also bottle holder at the top of the bag, so if you also want quick access, you can also keep one there.

6. Athletico disc golf bag

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack - 20+ Disc Capacity - Pro or Beginner Disc Golf Bag - Unisex Design

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For another frontier, we have another small yet massive capacity holding disc golf bag supplied by Athletico. With the capacity to fit more than 20 discs at once, Athletico is one of the most convenient disc golf backpacks that you should always look up for. Designed with an ergonomic concept, this bag is super comfortable to carry. Moreover, the shoulder straps of this bag are also padded; making your body free from any pains to the back or shoulders.

Besides, the bag is designed with many pockets where you can easily keep your personal belonging. The pocket also has an insulated cooler where you can keep your drink cool and fresh, too. Additionally, Athletico is also water-resistant; especially with the protective bottom of the bag.

Lastly, Athletico stands very strong for their products, so if you don’t like how it works after purchasing, you can also return it back with a full money return guarantee. Therefore, there’s nothing you lose from getting this.

5. Throwback Sports – half-disc carrier and half cooler

The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with Cooler and Extra Padding, Comfortable Strap - Holds 12-15 Discs and 6 Cold Drinks

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Here at the top 5th, we have another high-quality disc golf from Throwback Sports again; this time the cross shoulder type. Like stated by the titles of the products, one of the most special points about this disc golf bag is that it’s a combination of disc carrier and cooler in just one go. The bag can easily accommodate up to 12 disc and 6 drinks. Hence, not only it can keep your disc safe and organized, but also it can keep your drinks cool and refreshing.

Aside from these, there are also external pockets for other accessories like towel, phone, wallet and more. More importantly, with any purchase of this Throwback Sport disc golf bag, you will also receive up to 1 –year warranty against any manufacturing defects, so it will cause no headache for you when owning it.

4. Kestrel disc golf bag

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag - Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle - for Beginner and Advanced Disc Golf Players - Extremely Durable Canvas - Disc Golf Bag Set - Small Disk Golf Bag

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What’s great at the top 4th, we have the ultimate disc golf bag from Kestrel. Able to accommodate up to 10 discs and drinks, Kestrel is super ideal for anyone who’d like to go light. Using very high-quality materials, Kestrel is built to last many decades no matter how harsh you treat the bag. Moreover, it has a very neat and organized compartment that separates stuff, so you will never be stressful trying to find whatever you are looking for during the game.

Besides, it’s built with simplicity and classiness, anyone with any gender or age can look great with this bag. Last but not least, Kestrel also offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you find out there is anything you don’t like about bag, you can always contact back to support team for any replacement or refund.

3. Innova – Champion Discs

Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

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As of our next favorite, we have a well-designed and high-performance disc golf bag from Innova – Champion Discs. This bag is ultra-premium when it comes to texture because it’s made from very high-quality products, so no matter if we’re talking about the look, practicality or even durability, the bag has them all.

Moreover, its cross shoulder strap can also be adjusted by overlong or shorten it any length you want; so everyone can use it. Aside from that, there are also pockets and internal dividers in the bag that you can use to organize your stuff perfectly, too.

2. Athletico Ace Frisbee Golf Bag

Athletico Disc Golf Bag - Tote Bag for Frisbee Golf - Holds 10-14 Discs, Water Bottle, and Accessories

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On the second top to the top 1 best disc golf bag is from Athletico again. As you may have already been aware of how great is this brand, you must know why it deserves to be at this top rank. For this one, in particular, it is built for your absolute comfort; allowing you to have enough space to bring whatever you need along. Made from high-quality 600D polyester fabric, it is super durable and water-resistant, so your stuff is safe when keeping in this bag.

On top of that, this shoulder bag also has the adjustable and detachable padded strap that will comfort your body when carrying it. Last but not least, the brand also confidence offers 100% satisfaction guarantee which they will refund your cash back in case you are unsatisfied after purchasing and trying it.

1.       Discraft Weekender disc golf bag

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

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Finally, we’ve come to the final one which is also the best of the best in term of disc golf bag being reviewed in 2021. This top-rated bag no doubt belongs to Discraft. As you have already recognized Discraft once at the top 9, this brand also has many reasons why it should be a top 1, too. First of all, it’s small, slim and practical. The size of the bag that can easily fit 6 discs, it’s usefully enough for the game to last the whole day.

Moreover, despite its lightweight and respectively cozy size, it has enough room to fit other things you would need; including phone, bottle, wallet or even your keys, too. What’s even more special about this bag is that its price is very reasonably put, so everyone can afford such a high-quality disc golf bag. Last but certainly not least, Discraft Weekener also offers a variety of colors options for this bag; hence, you can always choose your favorite disc golf bag with Discraft.

Conclusion – disc golf bags

In conclusion, if you are looking to get a brand new, high quality and trustable disc golf bag, this article is the best source of information that can help you to purchase the right one. Get yours, and you won’t regret. We hope you enjoyed the reading.


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