Top 10 Best Electric Fence for Chicken Coops (2021)

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The electric fence has numerous significance. It is used for protection and aesthetic purposes. Fences create physical boundaries, barriers for predators, protection against theft, homestead beauty and attraction, crops and livestock protection. Besides, the electric fence requires expertise during installation and maintenance processes. This is recommended that solar AC/DC power to be used to energize the fence. As well as, they are the best and most economical means of protection. Importantly, a chicken coop area is the most sensitive area where protection against dogs, other livestock, and grown chicken. Then a fence can also be used to safeguard a vegetable garden from chicken and other birds. Moreover, chicken coop requires a special fence which encloses the chicks and grown chicken within the predetermined area. Below is a list of top ten best electric fences for your chicken coop.

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Top 10 Best Electric Fence for Chicken Coop: 2022 Review

1. Premier 42 inches electrical poultry net fence

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Premier supplies provide standardized electric fence. It is two by three-inch mesh holes which are meant to protect chicken coop from dogs, coyotes, fox, and raccoons. They are of two colors (green and black) and recommended 25 joules per roll energy supply. Support posts should be non-conductive (PVC) and are to be strategically spaced at an interval of ten feet apart. Then the mesh can be joined together with power clips at the end of the net. Also, continuous cur-rent flow in the net is discouraged.

2. Premier 48 inches electric chicken net fence

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This is also one of the Premier supplies. However,  it has a higher gauge compare to Premier 42 inches fence. Besides, there is only yellow color. It performs the same task as any other electrical net fence. The posts are spaced at an interval of 13.5 feet apart. As well as, it is also advised that the fence should be energized with specified power to ensure the safety of the chicken.

3. FARMILY Portable Electric net fence

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It is a 442 inch by 164 feet fence green in color. Likewises, it provides better mechanical barrier and is light in weight. The fence can be easily assembled and disassembled. It has big mesh holes com-pared to the Premier fences.

4. YARDGARD 308452B Poultry Netting Fence

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It is a one-inch hexagonal design hole mesh with dark green PVC coating blends that gives it a green color. It is the best chicken coop in the market. This fence has more uses other than just being an excellent fence for chicks. Importantly, it can be used for frame and window coverings, crafts projects, plant protection, animal cages, and flower support purposes. Well woven mesh with smaller uniformly welded holes to offer maximum protection of a chicken run coop. Rolls are sold at an affordable cost and vary with sizes.

5. AMAGABELI Hexagonal Poultry Netting fence

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AMAGABELI Garden and Home supplies have the best solution for your chicken run coop. It’s two inches hexagonal holes galvanized 20-gauge wire mesh. Also, the mesh is uniformly weld-ed, rust-resistant and lasts longer due to the zinc coat. Has a large frame of 36-inches by 50 feet dimension. Like the YARDGARD fence, it creates protection to guard against predators. Besides, the fence can be found on Amazon at a friendly cost. They also provide a warranty for their products.

6. YARDGARD 308497B Poultry netting Fence

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It’s a silver mesh fence which is light in weight and user-friendly. Moreover, the fence is easy to install and require minimal skills. The mesh holes size is two inches by two inch and larger size of a hundred- and fifty-feet long mesh per roll. Additionally, the fence has a silver color which is also resistant to rust and durable.

7. YARDGARD 308476B mesh poultry fence

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It is 20-gauge galvanized hexagonal holes mesh fence suitable for poultry enclosures and gar-den fencing. Also, the mesh holes size is two inches and a frame size of 4 feet by 50 feet.

8. TENAX 090786 Poultry fence

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A UV treated durable poultry fence with a life expectancy of about five years. Meanwhile, the fence is green in color and rust-free capability. Besides, it does not corrode and it can be applied in many areas.

9. Easy Gardener LG400171 Deer Barrier fence

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A tough and durable fence that is suitable for both chicken and small livestock protection. Furthermore, it comes with reusable UV treated and economical fence. And the mesh size is 7 feet by 100 feet.

10. Mat 308498B Mesh net

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It is galvanized and the hole size is two inches. Also, the size is 72-inches by 150 feet. Moreover, it provides last longer and protect the chicken against dogs, deer, fox, and small livestock.

In general, any fence can be made electrical, but what matters is how effective it will be. It is good to get advice from relevant authorities before deciding on which way forward.

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