Best Inflatable Towable Tubes in 2022​ Reviews

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There is no end to the type of water fun you enjoy doing. With one of the top 15 best inflatable towable tubes in 2022, you can add to that fun in a big way. These tubes make sure you get all the fun out of your day on the water.

Plus, they are made from top construction materials so your fun should last for a very long time. The tricks you can do with them enhances your fun and makes water play more enjoyable.

These durable inflatable towable water toys are just what the doctored ordered. They give you some pleasure and help you forget your troubles.

List Of Our Best Inflatable Towable Tube in 2022 Reviews On Amazon.Com

15. World of Watersports Inflatable Towable Deck Tube

WOW World of Watersports

Hang on tight as you are about to be taken on a wild ride. This top inflatable towable tube allows for 1 to4 riders at one time. With easy to grip hand holds you better grab on and hold tight. This tubes do move fast.

Plus, you are getting on a tube that uses bright green to keep you very visible. The 10 foam handles makes sure your hands are not hurt while you hang on. Then the 74 by 70 inch inflated size makes sure each rider has plenty of room.

To top it all off, you have foam padding to make sure your body does not get hurt throughout the exciting ride. That makes this tube very safe to ride on.

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14. World of Watersports Bingo Inflatable Towable Tube

WOW World of Watersports

It may seem like you are taking your life in your hands when you climb aboard this inflatable tube. But that is not the case. Its bright orange color scheme makes sure all other people on the water can see you clearly.

Along with that safety protection, you get foam pads and foam handles to make sure your body and hands do not feel any discomfort or get hurt as you ride. Once inflated the tube can hold about 350 pounds.

That weight limit and its 69 by 68 inch size makes sure 2 people can have the same fun at the same time. The nylon construction material comes with self draining vents that keep the water out.

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13. WOW Watersports Thriller Deck Towable Tube

WOW Watersports Thriller Deck

When you want to go it alone, here is the tube for you to use. Its 50 by 48 inches provides with enough space to be comfortable as well as secure. Then the bright green coloring on this model makes sure no one misses you when you are out on the water.

Also, the nylon and PVC construction materials should protect you against punctures and other leak sources. The reinforced towing system makes sure this water tube has the strength to tow you around.

In addition, there are enough hand grips for you to find the best position that delivers the most fun and excitement. The EVA foam padding should keep you comfortable throughout your time on the water in this tube.

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12. World of Watersports Coupe Cockpit Towable Tube

WOW World of Watersports Coupe

In this bright red inflatable towable tube, you can pretend you are power boat racer putting your fast boat through its paces. The 57 by 37 inch dimensions only has room for one person but that is okay, everyone else will get a turn when you are done.

On top of that, this top towable tube has enough hand grips to make sure you stay inside all the time the ride is taking place. The front tow hook up is tough and should handle the pressure of being towed at high speeds.

Then the nylon cover and foam handles makes sure you can handle all the bumps that come when being pulled through the water at high speeds.

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11. Airhead Steerable Rider Towable Tube

Airhead Steerable

You and your date can enjoy a great time together out on the water. This top inflatable towable tube holds 1 to 2 people safely. With its padded handles, you can hold on without fear your hands will let go.

In addition, you have tough construction materials that protect you from any unseen sharp obstacle you might run across in as you are being towed. Plus, the EVA foam gives you and your date a very soft spot to sit on that should be as comfortable as it can get.

Also, you are not being towed wildly. This top tube can be steered by you to make sure you maximize your fun while lowering your risks.

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10. SportsStuff Stunt Flyer

SportsStuff Stunt Flyer

If you are not blinded by the bright orange color that keeps you visible then you know you are going to be safe inside this inflatable towable tube. Just like hunting, having the brightest colors available keep you safe

On top of that, you and your riding partner are protected by the tough nylon cover. It should not chaff while you ride nor should it accept sharp objects. The non slip foam handles make sure your hands remain secure.

But that is not all, there is the EVA foam that provides a level of comfort that makes this ride more enjoyable. A quick connect system adds the tow rope fast.

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9. Airhead SUPER SLICE Towable Tube


This top inflatable towable tube also comes with the quick connect system. That make sit ready to be used in no time at all. Your water fun should not be delayed due to tow rope issues.

Plus, you have 6 easy to grab handles that allow up to 3 people to enjoy the ride in this up to 70 inch towable tube. With the nylon and PVC construction materials on hand to protect you, your towable tube ride should last for years.

Finally, the inflation system is second to none. This tube inflates and deflates fast so you can get to riding or home faster than ever.

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8. Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube

Airhead G-Force

Once you get inside you need to be ready for the ride of your life. This tough towabale tube makes sure you get your money’s worth. Then with its easy hook up system, you should be out on the water moments after you arrive at the beach or lake.

4 no slip handles are comfortable to hold on top and allow you to put up to 2 riders inside. The padded handles makes sure your hands do not get hurt while they hold on with all their strength.

Also, the nylon cover adds reassurance that you will be safe throughout your time on this inflatable tube.

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7. Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube

Airhead Hot Dog

The title may say that this is a hot dog but the design will have yo feeling like you are in a tropical island riding in one of the traditional boats. No matter what it looks like or how it makes you feel, you are in for one grand ride.

The nylon cover should ease your mind as you know it is tough and resists sharp objects. Then the padded grips should keep your hands securely in place with their no slip design.

On top of that, there is the standard EVA foam padding. This padding makes sure you are comfortable and do not get chaffed during your trip.

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6. Airhead Mach Rider Towable Tub

Airhead Mach

Have you ever watched them race boats? Those boats move fast through the water and so does this racing boat designed inflatable towable tube. You should feel less resistance and more speed when you climb inside this tube.

In addition, you have easy to reach and hold padded grips that keep your hands from getting tired out. With the quick attach tow system your ride will be ready to go in less time than you can say inflatable towable tube.

A high back and neck pad makes sure you do not harm your upper body as you endure the bumps and landings that come while riding in this tube.

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5. WindRider Snow Tube

WindRider Snow Tube

Inflatable towable tubes are not just for water. They can be used on snow if you have the right one underneath you. One person can ride inside this snow tube and reach speeds higher than 30 mph.

The nylon tow hook up is easy to attach to your vehicle but be careful there are no brakes to slow the tube when you stop. Also, you do have two handles to hold onto to make sure you do not leave the tube at the wrong time.

Its plastic bottom makes sure you can glide easily through the packed snow. The bottom is tough, slick and moves quickly.

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4. Bradley Commercial Snow Tube

Bradley Commercial Snow

A 6 foot tow rope made from nylon attaches easily to your vehicle. Once attached you can get a great ride through the snow and have a little winter fun. The 43 inch diameter only has room for one person but that is enough to get a great ride.

On top of that, there are comfortable handles that allow your gloved hands to hold on tight. A 200 pound weight limit makes sure children and light adults can ride in this snow tube comfortably.

If you do not like blue, you can get this snow tube in red or green. Your color preference matters. This is a fun winter activity.

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3. Airhead Rebel Kit

Airhead Rebel Kit

The accessories are what make this inflatable towable tube stand out. Along with the tube, you get an air pump that just needs your car’s cigarette lighter to work. Then there is the long rope to help you tow the tube across the water.

After you get the tube to its inflated size, you have 4 handles to choose from. Its 54 inch size limits the riders to one person so you have lots of padded grip options at your disposal.

There is also a speed inflation and deflation valve. This valve makes those processes quick and easy to do. With the included nozzles you should be able to pump up more than just this top towable tube.

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2. Airhead Blast Towable Tube

Airhead Blast | 1-2 Rider

The bright red and yellow colors add to the fun you are about to have. Once you get this towable tube inflated you should be seen for miles. The colors are that bright. Then with 4 non slip handles to hold onto your ride should be top notch..

In addition to those features, you have a tough nylon cover that helps keep the punctures and scratches away. The quick connect system has you out on the water going for a ride moments after you arrive at the water.

On top of that there is the speed valve system. This valve makes sure you can inflate and deflate the tube in no time at all.

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1. Sportsstuff Super Mable Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Super Mable

What can we say. This is an elegantly designed towable tube that brings comfort and support to your back and lower body. With its ability to hold more than 1 passenger, you should have a great time with your date.

The tough nylon tow strap looks reinforced so the tube should not come undone from the boat at any time. Padded handles give your hands a safe and secure place to hold onto. They should not be uncomfortable at anytime during your ride.

Plus, you have a very durable device that skims across the water providing you with unique opportunities to have fun. A speed valve system makes sure hooking this tube up to your boat is quick and easy.

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Some final words

When you want to have water fun, but do not want to do the traditional water activities. Reach for one of the top 15 best inflatable towable tubes in 2022. These top tubes make sure your water fun is unique.

Plus you get a tough durable tube to ride in. With comfortable handles to grab onto, your safety is never in question. These are fun tubes that do not put you at any terrible risk. That is why there are the best.

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