Best Key Lock Boxes in 2022 Reviews

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Protecting your keys it is vital, especially when you have priceless antiques or other valuable objects inside. Using one of the top 10 best key lock boxes in 2022 is the best way to keep your keys protected. That way you know your valuables are safe and sound.

These top-quality key locks work hard to maintain your security and they look fairly good when they do it. Once inside your keys should be nice and safe. Access to them is through a combination code and that should not be difficult to do as long as you do not forget the combination.

List Of Our Best Key Lock Boxes Review On Amazon.Com

10. Towoke Key Lock Box Wall Mount

 Key Lock Box Wall Mount - TOWOKE Waterproof Combination Key Safe Box for Outside

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Real estate agents use key lock boxes to show their house listings. This makes entry simple and easy as they do not have to track down the owner to get inside. This top key lock box will do the same for you especially if you lose your keys.

The resettable 4 digit combination lock makes sure you can access your spare keys when you misplace your primary set. The lock box is rust-resistant and protects your keys from moisture and other dangers that affect your keys and your home.

Also, the box is large enough to hold 5 standard sized keys with ease. Made from steel and zinc, thieves should have a hard time breaking into the lock box through hammering battering it.

9. Champs Combination Realtor Lock

 Champs Combination Realtor Lock, 4 Digit Key Padlock

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This 4 digit combination lock box should protect your keys while giving you easy access to them. Just dial in the 4 numbers and the door opens up. Once your keys are inside, just spin the dial again t make sure your keys remain where you put them.

With up to 10,000 possible combinations at your fingertips, you can reset the combination anytime and not run out of options. Plus, the lock can easily fit over your doorknob and if you want your child can use it on their school locker.

Also, you can fit up to 3 regular sized keys or 5 smaller ones inside. The zinc alloy construction ensures that rust won’t stop your entry and a padded back protects your door from scratches.

8. Yami Key Lock Box

 Key Lock Box, Exterior Outdoor Waterproof Hide Wall Mounted Key Safe Box

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Just push the right buttons and you can open this key lock box in no time at all. I f you happen to make a mistake, you just flick the clear button and start all over again. While you have to remember a combination, it is not difficult to use this unit.

Once you get access, you will find a key ring holder that will hang onto your keys when you place a spare set inside. The rubber lining helps keep moisture out so your keys do not rust or corrode.

With 10 digits to use, you should be able to construct a tough combination to break. The weather-resistant key lock box makes sure that it is very difficult for thieves to get inside and get your spare set.

7. Buteny Key Lock Box

 Key Lock Box, Combination Lockbox

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It may look like a regular padlock but in reality, it is a key lock box that protects your spare keys. Once on your doorknob, you should be able to have confidence that it is strong enough to handle what thieves throw its way.

A 4 digit code provides you with thousands of reset possibilities ensuring that no one will know the code but you and your spouse. Plus, the large interior should hold about 6 keys including the key chain.

Made from zinc and heavy-duty steel, this key lock box should be strong enough to endure tough pounding by would-be thieves. After it is in position, you should have a little peace of mind knowing your spare keys are safe and sound.

6. Kidde AccessPoint 001414 KeySafe

 Kidde AccessPoint 001414 KeySafe Original Slimline Push Button Combination Permanent Key Lock Box

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12 buttons are all you need to access this key lock box. One button is to open the door, one is to clear the mistakes you made and 10 punch in the combination. Once you master those buttons you should be able to get your spare keys in seconds.

Plus, its versatility helps sy9u use this for other important items that need to have spare keys protected. Once opened you can get 2 keys inside for safekeeping. And with about a thousand different combinations to choose from your key should be nice and safe.

All the mounting hardware is included in your purchase. Then with different color options, you can have this key lock box blend in with the color of the door or wall you -place it on.

5. Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock

 Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Portable Lock Box, 5 Key Capacity

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Setting your own combination is very important. This feature allows you to create your own unique entry code to make sure unauthorized hands do not open it up and steal your possessions.

Plus, its design allows you to hang it on most doorknob designs. This makes getting to your keys simple and easy, even if your doorknob is totally unique. After you open it up, you can place about 5 keys inside.

Also, the key lock box is made from tough metal that is hard to crack and you get some weather protection as well. A coating over the lock protects your door from possible damage. Thousands of combinations for you to choose from and use. Just don’t write the combination down.

4. Uniclife 48 Key Cabinet Steel Security Lock Box

 Uniclife 48 Key Cabinet Steel Security Lock Box with Combination Lock-Black

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This key lock box looks more like an alarm system than an item that holds spare keys. With a 3 digit code, you can enter inside and retrieve those spare keys and get on opening up what needs to be opened.

Once inside, you can store up to 48 keys and use the 48 blank key IDs to label each one. 9 different colors help you keep the keys organized. Steel construction materials and a piano hinge work hard to keep unauthorized people away from your keys.

Measuring approx. 10 by 8 by 3 inches in size, this key lock box should fit on your wall without too much trouble. Change the combination any time you want or when you suspect someone got a hold of the old one.

3. ORIA Key Storage Lock Box

 ORIA Key Storage, 4-Digit Combination

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Environmentally friendly paint helps keep this key lock box looking its best. Then the zinc and steel construction material supplies the muscle to make sure people cannot hammer their way inside.

Once you have it located where you want it, this key lock box can hold about 5 keys at one time. Also, its 4 digit combination make sure guessing yours out of about 10,000 is not a simple trick to do.

On top of that, you can place this key lock box just about anywhere you need it. Its versatility makes sit an essential part of your security system. If you make a mistake dialing in your combination, the clear button lets you start all over again. Safety is key with this key lock box.

2. Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lock box

 ORIA Key Storage, 4-Digit Combination

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The padlock design may fool some potential thieves into thinking its a standard lock and not a key lock box. That deception gives you a little extra time to stop the would-be thieves from taking your property.

Its all-metal construction makes sure that gaining entry to your spare keys is not a piece of cake or like taking candy from a baby. With over 10,000 possible combinations, guessing yours would be some trick. Resetting the combination is not that difficult either.

After you get the lock box open, you can fit about 5 keys inside, depending on their overall size. It’s a tough lock that has to do a tough and dangerous job. One that it does very well.

1. Mofut Key Lock Box

 Key Lock Box with 4-Digit Combination, Lock Box for House Key

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The original code is easy to remember, 0-0-0-0, and if you change it, try to make sure you can remember it without using birthdates and other important numbers. Once you set your code up this zinc and steel lock box will hold your keys nice and safely.

With all the installation hardware included in your purchase, your only other difficult decision will be where to locate it. After you put your keys inside, the rubber gasket should keep the moisture, dust, and dirt outside away from your keys.

Its large interior storage space lets you store larger car keys, cards, and other openers inside with ease. The good thing about these key lock boxes is that you always know where a spare set of keys are.

Some final words

Getting access to your house is not going to be that difficult anymore. Not with one of the top 10 best key lock boxes in 2022 helping you out. These tough lock boxes are made from top-quality construction materials so you know your possessions are safe.

Then having an extra set where you can access them quickly allows you to get inside fast.

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