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Pickleballs are enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. It is a great game to improve both physical and mental health. If you want to do well in the game, choosing the right equipment is something you should not overlook. In a pickleball game, the pickleball paddle is one of the most important equipment. Choosing a high-quality pickleball paddle can improve your skills, precision, and strength.

However, as each pickleball paddle is a combination of various sizes, shapes, and material, it is easy to feel confused when it comes to purchasing the most suitable one. Therefore, our team is here to help with our compilation of the ten best pickleball paddle with high-quality performances. Let’s have a look!


10. Apollo

Apollo Pickleball Paddle with 2 Pickleballs - Lightweight Premium Graphite-Carbon Fiber - Meets USAPA Specifications - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Apollo incorporates many features making it the perfect paddle with quality as the top priority. One of the features that should be highlighted is its durability. Apollo is made from graphite face to ensure perfect accuracy and flexibility. Another key feature is the PP Honeycomb Core. The pattern of honeycomb core makes it the softest but strongest core.

Not only is Apollo lightweight, it is also designed for a comfortable ergonomic grip. Even during a long period of playing that can cause sweaty palms, Apollo can minimize grip slipping and maximize control. Every purchase of Apollo is complimented with paddle guide and cover. In terms of its size, Apollo is 15.3 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches in dimension and 12.8 ounces in weight.

9. Amped

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved - X5 Polypropylene Core - FiberFlex Fiberglass Face - 5 Sizes- Epic, S2, Omni, Maxima, and INVIKTA - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Amped is 16.3 x 12.7 x 1.7 inches in dimension and 10.2 ounces in weight. It incorporates the two most desired characteristics of a good paddle, which are power and control. This pickleball paddle has two models. One is a midweight model designed for tennis players or singles. Another one is a lightweight model which is recommended for beginners or intermediate players.

With the latest paddle technology and high-grade materials, Amped is making revolutionary that amplifies performance attributes. Those include thicker polypropylene polymer core, fiberflex face, a unibody design, and edgesentry tech. Amped is approved and trusted by over 200 sponsored professionals and ranked players all around the world.

8. Upstreet

Upstreet Pickleball Paddle - Polypro Honeycomb Composite Core - Paddles Include Racket Cover - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Upstreet is 16 x 7.8 x 1.5 inches in dimension and 8.6 ounces in weight. Upstreet uses micro-dry comfort grip and rib grip tape for moisture absorption to reduce grip slipping to the minimum. Each purchase of Upstreet comes with a neoprene pickleball paddle cover to enhance the look and durability. The core of Upstreet is made up of Polypro Honeycomb Composite, which is regarded as the one of the best paddle cores in games for its perfect balance of control and power.

Upstreet is designed for both indoor and outdoor play and for both intermediate and advanced players. It is guaranteed that Upstreet can stay in the best condition for at least 12 months.

7. A11N Pickleball Paddle


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A11N is 16.9 x 8.5 x 3.1 inches in dimension and 2.14 pounds in weight. A11N is complemented with two neoprene protective cases to ensure that your pickleball paddles remain in the best condition when not in use. In addition, the set also includes one drawstring bag for storage and four high-quality pickleball balls. Moreover, there are also two overgrip rolls that can be used for sweat and moisture absorption of your grip.

Durability is not a problem for A11N because A11N is composed of graphite surface and polymer honeycomb core.  It should also be noted that A11N can come in a gift box making it the ideal present as well. Every purchase of A11N can be exchanged or returned or refunded within 60 days for free.

6. Onix Pickleball Paddle


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Onix is 18 x 11 x 3 inches in dimension and 8 ounces in weight. It is known for its outstanding photo and ball control. This pickleball paddle is great for a tennis player to transition to pickleball and is designed for both beginners and advanced players. To expand the size of the sweet spot, Onix expands the body shape. Not only does Onix is lightweight, Onixa also incorporates Nomex honeycomb core to maintain excellent power control.

5. Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle

Rally Meister Wood Pickleball Paddle Deluxe Bundle 4 Paddles & 6 Balls - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Rally Meister is regarded as one of the top pickleball paddles with top-notch features and performances. It is lightweight and offers high-end cushions grip. This pickleball paddle is cultivated from grain wood with well-trusted manufacturers.

Furthermore, Rally Meister is extremely versatile that can be used for the entertainment of both beginners and professional players and many places, such as schools and seniors centers. Every purchase of Rally Meister is complemented with a one year guarantee to ensure quality, durability, and affordability.

4. Amazin Aces Signature


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Amazing Aces is 17.3 x 8.8 x 3.2 inches in dimension and 2.4 pounds in weight. Both the beginners and advanced players can use Amazing Aces. Amazing Aces has creative designs with bright and vibrant colors and a beautiful box making it the perfect gift. It has honeycomb polymer core and graphite face maximizing the durability and performance.

Moreover, it offers the ultimate comforts with its hand-stitched comfort grip that can chase away all sorts of worries about grip slipping. without the worries of grip slipping. USAPA has been tested and approved, and for further assurance, USAPA also offers its customers a one year warranty for every purchase made.

3. XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddle

XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Single or Set, Lightweight Graphite Honeycomb Composite Core Paddles Single or Sets of 2, USAPA Approved - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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XS XSPAK received approval from the USAPA as a product to be used in tournament play. The latest design is innovated a fierce cool eagle. To improve the accuracy and control especially for intermediate and advanced players, the face of XS XSPAK is made out of graphite while the core is made out of polymer honeycomb.

The high durability of XS XSPAK can be seen with the superior edge guard that protects the surface and core from damages. XS XSPAK provides assurance through its customer service of 100% refund policy. XS XSPAK is 16 x 9 x 1.9 inches in dimension and 15.2 ounces in weight.

 2. Amazin Aces Classic Graphite


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Amazin Aces is the perfect set that is designed for both beginner and intermediate players. The set includes two pickleball paddles, four pickleballs, and a carry bag. Amazin Aces offers the ideal balance of power and control with its midweight design, as well as, offers maximum comforts with its premium hand-stitched grip. Not only does Amazin Aces has honeycomb polymer core, but it also has a graphite face and a large sweet spot.

Furthermore, Amazin Aces can be easily stored or given as a present due to its beautifully designed packaging box. Each purchase of Amazin Aces includes a one year warranty and a free E-book that has tips and rules tailored to help beginners. Amazin Aces is 17 x 8.1 x 3 inches in dimension and 1.85 pounds in weight.

1. Amazin Aces Classic Wood

Pickleball Paddle Set By Amazin' Aces - Pickleball Set Includes 2-4 Wood Pickleball Paddles, 4 Pickleballs, 1 Carry Bag & Guaranteed FUN! - TOP 10 BEST PICKLEBALL PADDLE IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Amazin Aces was designed by a well-trusted developer to be the best wood pickleball set in the industry. The set of Amazin Aces offers everything you need to hit the court. In the set, there are two wood pickleball paddles, four pickleballs, and one mesh bag. Amazin Aces is the best equipment for beginners and it allows friends, family, and couples to take their first step in this game.

Furthermore, it is designed to be used in various locations, including schools, community, athletic clubs. The durability can be guaranteed as Amazin Aces is made from 7-plywood from maple. In addition, you do not need to worry about sweaty palms causing grip slips because Amazin Aces can tackle this problem with its cushion grip and wrist strap.

Amazin Aces guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by offering high-quality products at a reasonable price and a complimentary E-Book that serves as the ultimate beginner’s guide. Your order of Amazin Aces will come in a beautiful box making it easy to give it as a present or storing. In terms of its size, Amazin Aces is 16.4 x 7.7 x 2.7 inches in dimension and 1.8 pounds in weight.

Conclusion- Pickleball Paddle

This list of the top ten best pickleball paddle was put together after a long period of research done by our team. Therefore, choosing to purchase one of these pickleball paddles will surely meet your expectation in finding the best one that can provide not only the best quality to maximize your performance but also, durability and designs. We hope that this list has played its role in guiding you towards the right purchase of pickleball paddle without a single glimpse of disappointment.


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