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Weight lifting or basic strength training requires a lot of energy and control over your body. It needs you to maintain a good posture to achieve great result. Athlete as well as professional body builder always tries to break their limit to become stronger. And, sometimes it requires more than strength and spirit alone to achieve it. However, with the help of powerlifting belts, exceeding that limit will become less difficult.

After a detailed research, our teams had put together a review of the top 10 powerlifting belt we can find in 2022. Please Enjoy:


10. Iron Bull Strength – Powerlifting Belt

Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt-Weight Lifting Belt - 10mm Double Prong - 4-inch Wide - Advanced Back Support for Weightlifting and Heavy Power Lifting - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Want to exceed your limit with this cool-looking weight lifting belts? This Iron Bull’s belts feature maximum support and brilliant design. It made from 10 mm of thick leather that provide the best performance and comfort while using it. This powerlifting belt has an adjustable double roller prong design that is durable and tough. This Iron Bull belt comes with five different colors and I guaranteed you that all of them look equally badass. The belt is 4-inch-wide, and it has 5 selectable sizes to choose from. It ranges from 25-30”until 45-50” and all of them are adjustable so it’s actually difficult to pick the wrong one unless you intended to.

This power lifting belts are able to increase your intra-abdominal pressure which allow you to exceed your normal strength and lift heavier weight. This weight lifting belt particularly received  high reviews from their previous customers. Make sure you get one now since you’re not going to lose anything. You will get a full-refund if you don’t like what you bought.

9. DMoose Fitness – Premium Dip Belt with Chain


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This dip belt made from soft neoprene that provide comfort and flexibility. It comes with several exclusive designs and colors. The size of the belt is 4”in width and 33”in length. It also has a heavy-duty steel chain that is 36” in length. This dipping belts, not like others, don’t rip easily. It got a double stitching design, the heavy-duty steel, and the neoprene material that keeps it durable and tough than usual.

If you want to perform better in gym or CrossFit, try this dip belt. You will get the desirable result with only little effort. Furthermore, it has a life time warranty to make sure that all customers are satisfies with their purchase and to ensure premium quality.

8. RitFit- Weight Lifting Belt


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With Ritfit weight lifting belt, you can workout with confidence and safe. Its unique design makes it great for any exercises such as squats and deadlift. It has a solid steel buckle and top-notch Velcro strap that is easy to adjust. Ritfit’ s weight lifting belts had 5 multiple brilliant design for their customers as well as 5 varied sizes from Small to XX Large. It is 6 inch in width and suitable for all genders. This belt has a wide range of benefit that will make your life much healthier and better.

Plus, it’s not limited to leg exercise. It’s suitable for all kind of training that involve in using strength. Ritfit weight lifting belt also has lifetime warranty to make sure customers completely satisfied with the product and to ensure that it is premium quality.

7. Element 26 – Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt

Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt - Premium Weightlifting Belt for Serious Crossfit, Weight Lifting, and Olympic Lifting Athletes - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Element 26 Wight lifting belt’s feature a self-locking system that will keep you safe every time you do your lift. Unlike other lifting belts, this belt uses a self-locking technology to keep the user safe from any injuries during lifts. The self-lock buckle is extremely easy to use, and it will never slip no matter how strong your lift is. It made from 100% premium nylon. The design is brilliant and comfortable to use, it also comes with multiple colors.

There are five varied sizes ranges from extra small to extra-large that is suitable for both men and women. The belt is approved to use in USAW and Crossfit competition. It uses by many great athlete and body builder. It has a great performance  that increase your stability every time you do a lift. Join the professional and becomes the next great athlete with Element 26 self-locking weight lifting belt.

6. Flexz Fitness – Weight and Power Lifting Belt with Lever Buckle

Flexz Fitness Powerlifting and Weightlifting Belt with Lever Buckle, 10mm - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Workout safe with this lever buckle weight lifting bell. It designed to give the back support you need for any strength training. This powerlifting belt will protect you from injuries and won’t easily slip no matter how heavy the lift is. This Flexz Fitness belt also allows to use in various competitions. The belt is made from artificial leather with heavy duty stitching and a metal buckle that will keep you unharmed during your lift.

It comes with multiple colors and sizes that ranges from extra small to double extra-large. Suitable for both men and women whether amateurs or professionals’ athletes. This belt will greatly improve your performance and allow you to exceed your limit.  The previous customers were really satisfied with their purchase and highly recommend to anyone who want to purchase a solid excellent quality weight/power lifting belt.

5. RDX – Powerlifting Belt Lever Buckle

RDX Powerlifting Belt Lever Buckle Cow Hide Leather 10mm Single Prong Weight Lifting Crossfit Workout Gym Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Advance your lift with this single prong leather weight lifting belt. It made from cow hide leather and a strong lever clasp closure. This powerlifting belt has an industrial dual stitching that is durable and improve your performance. It has black and brown colors and the sizes range from small to extra-large. The belts are 4-inch-wide and 10 mm thick. This RDX belt has 10 precision hole that let you adjust easily.

This belt will let you perform your best in any exercise be it deadlifts or squats. It will assist your lower body and decrease tension in the lower back. It helps you stabilized yourself and brace your core. It’s highly recommended for its top-notch functionality as well as durability. Start your training with this belt, you will not regret it.

4. Harbinger- Polypropylene Dip Belt with Steel Chain

Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with Steel Chain - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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It constructed from durable polypropylene and tough steel grommets that can secure chain to the belt. The chain is 30 inch and made from heavy duty steel. It comes with multiple dark colors and a contoured belt design. Unlike others, this dip belt only has one size that could fit all ,plus ,it’s adjustable.

The benefit of this belt is that it helps you build strength in your triceps and chest. It’s suitable for any kind of exercises and for any genders. This dip belt is also highly recommended from the customer so make sure to purchase one for yourself or your gym mate now.

3. Harbinger- Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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This is another hot weight lifting belt from Harbinger that you will find attractive. It features a foam cushion design on the interior for comfort and relaxation while lifting. The heavy-duty steel buckle also keeps the belt secure and safe to make sure that it won’t slip or cause injuries that would harm the user. It made from high quality leather with suede lining and double stitching.

This powerlifting belt comes in 5 selectable sizes from small to double extra-large which is suitable for any gender and purposes. This weightlifting belt provides great back support and stabilize your core. You can do any strength training with this belt from squats deadlifts, or just weight lifting. Exceed your limit with this genuine leather double prong  weight lifting belts.

2. ProFitness- Powerlifting Belt

ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide) - Proper Weight Lifting Form - Lower Back Support for Squats, Deadlifts, Cross Training - TOP 10 BEST POWERLIFTING BELT IN 2022 REVIEWS

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Profitness weight lifting belts are made of genuine leather. It has a heavy-duty metal buckle that is adjustable and won’t slip easily. It comes in five varied sizes and two colors.  The benefit of this belt is that it helps you maintain a proper weight lifting form and it also support your lower back. You can break your record in any exercises such as squats and deadlifts. It helps you sustain strong abdominals and build your core strength which is the main factor for your health as well as fitness.

This weight lifting belt received the highest and the most review from their customer out of the belts that was mentioned. Its quality is top-notch and it’s durable as well as comfortable to use. It also has two-month warranty to ensure that the customers are completely satisfied.

1. Dark Iron Fitness– Weight Lifting Belt


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This belt made from genuine leather and unlike others, it is less likely to wear out or break. It made from buffalo hide leather that provide flexibility and reduce pain while lifting. This powerlifting belt comes with five sizes from XS to XL. It has a 4-inch width that provide you full support. This double prong powerlifting belts reduce pain and fatigue while lifting and is really comfortable to wear.

Customers had reported that they made great achievements with the support of this weight lifting belt. It has been said that it can increase 10% more weight that you can normally lift. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assure of its quality.

Conclusion- Powerlifting Belt

It’s better to have one of these weight lifting belts while you work out. It not only supports your lower back as well as increase intra-abdominal pressure, but it could also maintain the right form and posture to keep you fit in the long run. Make sure to pick the right size so that you don’t have to exchange it back later.


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