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A shower chair can be perfect for elderly people and people with mobility issues. A shower chair has a functional design and provides a comfortable place to sit when you bath. It has better stability and includes numerous features to ensure all the convenience. You can easily adjust the height and get better support and comfort. There are shower chairs with advanced features that make them highly versatile. Check out the top 10 best shower chairs for elderly people below.


10, Shower Chair by Platinum Health

Shower Chair, Bath Chair, Padded with Armrests, Comfortable(tm) Deluxe Shower Chair. Institutional Quality. TOP 10 BEST SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY IN 2022 REVIEWS

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People above the age of 65 years face many health problems such as arthritis and dementia. These health issues affect the smooth working of their daily life. This durable shower chair contains a high-quality padded seat for old people who cannot bath properly due to leg pain or other problem. It also includes armrests to stop the falls while taking a bath.

In addition to that, the beautiful blue color is different from the background of the bathroom. This color helps the old people for clear visibility. Furthermore, the body of this shower chair contains high-quality aluminum. It does not rust with time even if you use it for many years. Apart from that, the height of the chair can be adjusted.

  • Cushioned seat and armrest provide high comfort.
  • Made of durable and rust-resistant aluminum.
  • Safe to use design with adaptable height.
  • There is no con at all.

9, Vive Shower Chair with Back

Vive Shower Chair with Back - Handicap Bathtub Bench with Padded Armrest for Disabled, Seniors, Elderly - Adjustable Medical Bath Stool Spa Seat with Handle Pads for Bariatrics - Non Slip Tub Safety

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Having an adjustable seat, this shower chair is one of the most useful things for old people. The solid construction of the chair will not let you fall or slip while bathing. Further, the seat of this chair has comfortable pads and armrests. There are also drainage holes in this shower chair which prevent slipping or falling.

Additionally, the chair is simple to assemble without the tools or tiny accessories. It also includes a backrest. You can carry this shower chair to any place by separating all its parts. The chair comes with a lifetime guarantee so that you can replace any broken part in the future. Besides that, you can increase or decrease the height of this chair according to your need and comfort.

  • Lightweight structure for easy portability.
  • Made of durable material for long time use.
  • Non-corrosive design ensures better function.
  • There is no drawback to point out.

8, Vaunn Medical Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair, Portable Bath Seat, Adjustable Shower Bench, White Bathtub Lift Chair with Arms

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If you suffer from back pain, joint pain, or arthritis, this shower chair is a must for you. It has an elegant grey color which differs from the tiles or floors of your bathroom. You can take a relaxing bath sitting on this chair without the stress of falling. Further, this chair has strong construction which helps the people to take a bath without slippage of falls.

The back support in the chair is easily removable for traveling. This shower chair has a solid frame of anodized aluminum. It remains in good condition for many years even after using it for several years. The chair weighs only 300 lbs. The parts of this chair are removable and easy to carry to any place.

  • Strong aluminum structure ensures full protection.
  • Adaptable legs are suitable for any person.
  • Comes with a contoured seat for high comfort.
  • It is slightly slippery.

7, Drive Medical Transfer Bench

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest (color may vary)

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This bathtub transfer bench is perfect for elderly people who suffer from joint pain, backache, and dementia. They can easily take a bath on this bench in the morning. It is convenient to carry this chair in the bathroom and remove it. Further, the chair contains good quality plastic which extends its life. It does not get rust in water due to water-resistant material.

In addition to that, you can adjust the height of this chair and legs as well. It has a weight of 10 pounds so that you can take it from one place to another. The chair gives you perfect stability and prevents you from slippage and falls. It is available in dark grey color for easy visibility in the bathroom.

  • It requires simple assembly for extra convenience.
  • Reversible design transfers into a sturdy bench.
  • It comes with a stable backrest for more comfort.
  • The instructions are not clear.

6, Medline Shower Chair

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back, Great for Bathtubs, Supports up to 350 lbs

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Comfortable for elderly people, this shower chair comes with removable parts. The frame of the chair is made from premium quality aluminum material. It does not rust due to water. Further, the solid construction of this chair prevents from aged people to slip or fall on the bathroom floors.

In addition to that, this chair is lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. The seat of this shower chair is very simple to adjust as per your comfort. You can join the parts of the chair without guidance or instruction manual. It can handle the maximum weight of 350 lbs. This chair is comfortable to place on the bathroom floors while taking a shower.

  • Cushioned armrest provides maximum comfort.
  • Adaptable legs for easy height adjustments.
  • Simple to install for hassle-free use.
  • The assembling takes certain time.

5, Vaunn Medical Adjustable SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

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This is one of the amazing shower chairs for aged people with health issues such as dementia and arthritis. It gives you a cool and relaxing bath without worrying about falls or slippage. Apart from that, this chair provides good stability due to the comfortable seat. It is made from a superior quality aluminum frame and does not get corrosion in any weather.

Additionally, the chair comes with drainage holes for a comfortable bath. It includes all removable parts which you can take while going for trips or picnics. Besides that, you can wash the chair easily with soap solution and water. It contains good back support for giving you a cool shower without back pain or neck pain.

  • Durable aluminum frame for long time use.
  • Detachable back ensures extra convenience.
  • Safe to use and simple to install.
  • It is not suitable for overweight people.

4, Carex Tub Transfer Bench SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY

Carex Tub Transfer Bench - Shower Chair Transfer Bench with Height Adjustable Legs - Convertible to Right or Left Hand Entry

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This tub cum shower chair is specifically designed for people who suffer from joint problems and leg pain. It is easy to assemble and separate the parts of this shower chair within a few minutes. The color of the chair is white for clear visibility. It comes with armrests so that you can keep your arms in a comfortable position while taking a shower.

Further, you can turn this chair into a tub or vice versa according to your wish. You can also adjust the legs of this chair while taking a bath. It can be used by old people, handicap people, disabled, and people with leg pain. This shower chair is safe to use on any bathroom floor.

  • Adaptable legs for easy height adjustments.
  • Convertible design is suitable for every need.
  • The reliable and sturdy structure ensures full protection.
  • The assembling is slightly difficult.

3, Pcp Padded Shower Safety Seat SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY

Pcp Padded Bath Shower Safety Seat with Hygienic Cutout and Backrest, White/Blue

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Having a cutout seat, this shower chair gives you extra comfort while taking a shower in the bathroom. It comes with a relaxing seat and backrest to avoid slippage. Further, the seat of this chair is not harsh to your skin or hips. It is a lightweight chair, and you can take it to any place without difficulty.

In addition to that, the height of the chair can be easily adjusted as per your needs. The chair includes drainage holes to reduce slippage and falls. You can disassemble the chair in an easy way after use. It is totally a safe chair for people with leg pain, back pain, disability and arthritis, and other health issues.

  • Extremely lightweight design ensures easy portability.
  • Durable structure made of strong aluminum.
  • Comfortable design requires simple installation.
  • It is very wide which can be an issue.

2, Tub Transfer Bench by Duro-Med SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY

Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair Made of Heavy Duty Non Slip Aluminum Body and Plastic Seat with Adjustable Seat Height and Cut Out Access Holding Weight Capacity up to 400 lbs, Gray

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This is the lightweight shower chair that can give comfort to old people while bathing. It is made from high-quality aluminum which reduces the chances of slippage on the bathroom floors. You can convert this chair into a tub or tub into the chair according to your comfort.

Further, this chair has solid construction which gives you nice stability while taking a shower. Apart from that, you can easily keep this chair with one leg inside and one leg outside the shower while bathing. It is easy to wash, maintain, and carry this shower chair. In addition to that, the chair contains a nylon belt for giving you a stable position while taking a bath in the bathroom.

  • Sturdy construction with convenient anti-rust formula.
  • Lightweight design for simple portability.
  • Metal arms ensure high stability and comfort.
  • It could have been sturdier.

1, Carex Tub Transfer Bench SHOWER CHAIRS FOR ELDERLY

Carex Tub Transfer Bench - Shower Chair Transfer Bench with Height Adjustable Legs - Convertible to Right or Left Hand Entry

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Available in beautiful white color, this tub transfer bench is beneficial for old people. This shower chair can be easily converted into the tub while bathing. The parts of the chair are simple to join and separate. Apart from that, you can carry this chair and its parts from one place to another. It is very easy to keep this chair in the bathroom.

The strong construction of this shower chair prevents you from falls or slippage. The legs can be adjusted in an easy manner while bathing. It also provides good stability whenever you have to take a bath. The weight of this shower chair is only 11lbs, and it is easy to store and maintain.

  • Durable slip-resistant construction ensures full safety.
  • Adaptable legs for hassle-free height adjustments.
  • Corrosion-resistant and lightweight structure.
  • There is no con as such.

Buying Guide For Shower Chairs –

Here is the list of the main parameters to check while buying a shower chair.


Often the size of a shower chair can vary depending upon the user. Always get the one that suits your needs. The size of a shower chair can vary, and you can get the one according to your requirements. Always select the one that comes in a compact design so that it does not occupy much space. You must know the size of your bathroom and then make your buy. If you have a standard-sized bathroom, then go for the one that comes with bariatric size.


Shower chairs can be either of plastic or metal. Both tend to be durable and deliver superior performance. Metal can be heavier but can be very long-lasting. However, aluminum and plastic come in a lightweight design and have better functionality. You can see if it has a folding structure so that you can store it conveniently. Sturdy construction makes it strong and can accommodate high weight capacity.


Some shower chair will allow you to fix it permanently and use it according to your needs. However, some can be portable, and you can easily store it when not in use. Consider the design carefully before making your buy.


Some shower chairs can come with a commode so that you can have better ease. This can be perfect for people who have limited mobility. Alternatively, you can look for the one that can accommodate a commode so that you can have better functionality. Some can even come in a multifunctional design allowing your better convenience.

Back Support and Armrests:

If you want to have better support, then always go for the one that offers better support. This will let you sit comfortably on it and can be perfect for senior people. There can be many other features that you need to consider including height, legs, and compartment.

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When you have elderly people at home, you should do all the things possible to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. A shower chair is perfect so that they can use it for support and safety and do the required job without anyone’s help. A shower chair can be a lifesaver, and there are various types of shower chairs available in terms of design and features. We have listed the best shower chairs of all types.

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