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Best SUV tent in 2021 Review

There are several important things that one usually needs for a perfect getaway; one among that is the SUV tent. No matter, if it’s a short road trip, weekend picnic or summer gathering, owning a high-quality SUV tent, will make your day a lot happier as it can give you all the protection you’ll ever need.

Based on the real customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the best SUV tents that you may want to check out if you are also currently looking for one. Keep on reading to find out what are those 2021 champions for such handful tools.

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9. Napier Outdoors Sportz 4 Person SUV Tent

9. Napier Outdoors Sportz 4 Person SUV Tent

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First, on the list, we have a high-quality SUV tent from Sportz. Now, this first SUV tent is best because of one main factor, its enormous size. With the room of 9 x 9 foot, the tent is huge enough for 5 people sleep inside without feeling tight at all. Moreover, it has the sleeve attached to your car which can easily convert into sleeping space in just a few minutes; or if you just want it to be the typical ground tank, you can simply remove the vehicle sleeve.

This SUV tent from Sportz is super durable too because it uses steel and fiberglass pole as the structure. Besides, if you worry whether or not this tent is hard to assemble, it is not hard at all. Made for convenience, this tent can easily set up by just a person with only a few minutes.

8. KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter – Best SUV Tents

8. KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter - Best SUV Tents

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Next one in the list, we have another best SUV tent brand from Kingcamp. One of the best functions when using this tent is about its huge shade that the tent can actually cover. This huge size SUV tent uses 210T polyester fabric as its material; that is known for its toughness when using under the rain, sun or wind. It is even waterproof because it has 1500mm PU coating so you can always get yourself safe from the rain.

Likewise, KingCamp also has a big size mesh window so there is a good air circulation inside the tent that makes it fresh and chill to stay inside. Moreover, with only 9.7 pounds, you can take it everywhere with you with ease. Besides using as a tent, KingCamp can also be a car shelter, so that it can protect your car and keep it new as always.

7. Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

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Another best SUV tent belongs to Rightline Gear. There is much reason you should own this tent. First of which is about its massive size that can fit a family inside with comfort. Using PU 2000mm fabric with high quality sealed seam, Rightline Gear can always protect you with its waterproof element. Moreover, even the floor of this tent is also water resistant; keeping everything from water to critters out from leaking into the tent.

So in any weather, you can still enjoy your time with Rightline Gear. Besides, this SUV tent is built for a universal fit, so any vehicles like SUV, minivan or pick-up truck are all compatible to use with it. Last but not least, there is also a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for anyone who purchases Rightline Gear, so you can shop with confidence now.

6. Napier Sportz Cove 61500 SUV Tent – Best SUV Tents


6. Napier Sportz Cove 61500 SUV Tent - Best SUV Tents

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Onto the next one, we have Napier. This tent is designed especially for those who don’t want the full tent, yet still, want something that is quite simple and useful to keep them under shade. No matter if you are talking about the design or the usage, Napier SUV tent is very easy and quick to use. It is made of polyester taffeta that makes it super portable and lightweight.

It fits with any SUV and minivans; no specific brands discrimination. To use it, simply attach the sleeve to your vehicle and pull it out when you want to extend the tent. It is ideal for two people.

5. DAC Explorer 2 SUV Tent

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On the top 5th, we have another high-quality tent from DAC. Having a similar concept to the previous tent form Napier, DAC is yet another handy tool you need for your trip. DAV has the bungee cord along with plastic hooks which you can use to attach it to your vehicle’s frame. That way, you can simply stay comfortable in the rear of your vehicle where having extra shade to protect you. There are many ways you can use it.

For the maximum air ventilation, you can fold up the outer door panel. However, if you want to reserve your privacy, you can simply sip and tie the tent to the bottom corner. Anyhow, you will always love DAC’s performance.

4. PlayDo Waterproof Teardrop Trailer Awning

4. PlayDo Waterproof Teardrop Trailer Awning

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Here with PlayDo, we have the top 4 car canopy which has been used by thousands of users. There are many things that would make you love this tent. First of all, in term of its material, PlayDo is made of 210T polyester fabric and aluminum frame, so it’s very versatile to rain, sun, or wind condition. This makes it one of the most important stuff to have for your perfect trip. At the same time, there are many ways you can use this.

From attaching it to your vehicle and having it by the car’s side to detach it from the vehicle and use it independently on the beach and more, PlayDo has it all. For use on the beach, there are also extra sandbags included so that you can put it next to the poles for it to stay still in place. And similar to the rest, PlayDo is a universal fit.

3. KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter Auto Canopy – Best SUV Tents

3. KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter Auto Canopy

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On to the top 3rd, we have yet another high rated SUV tent from KingCamp. This time, this premium quality SUV tent is in Grey color. Now, even the color of the tent is also quite important and useful. For this KingCamp SUV tent, in particular, it is in Grey color. It’s great because it reduces the heat from the sun, so even using in the tropical weather, you don’t feel stuffy and hot under this tent.

Also, because it has the mesh window, so the air can circulate in and out the tent freely; adding comfort to users. Besides, using a 210T polyester fabric, it’s also waterproof and anti-UV; so you can confidently use it.

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent – Best SUV Tents

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

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On the top 2nd, we have a very modern and cozy Pick-up truck’s tent design from Guide Gear. If you compare this to other SUV tent, this one is a bit different because it’s meant to use on at the back side of the pick-up truck per se. So for those who own any pick-up with a small size of family, this Guide Gear tent is definitely one of a must-have for you.

The fabric used for this tent is super durable and high quality. Not only it can protect you from the sun, it can even also protect you from the rain due to its waterproof property.

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent – Best SUV Tents

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

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The last one in the list which is also the best one with the highest reviews from the real user is the pick-up tent from Napier. Now, this Napier tent uses a bit different concept from its sister model that was mentioned above. For this one, in particular, it is the type of pick-up truck tent that can be put at the back of the truck. It is ideal for 2 people sleeping or 4 sittings inside. Using very durable and high-quality fabric, Napier tent is very resistant to any weather condition.

It is also easy to use because all you have to do is just to get the pole and sleeve assembled and this process can be done in just a few minutes. Not only your adult will love it, but even your kids will also enjoy staying inside it; feeling like a fairy house.

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In conclusion, if you are currently looking for a perfect SUV tent that has every important feature like waterproof, wind resistant, sun protection, or spacious room and so on, the 9 brands above are all you need to check out. Thank you for spending time with us.

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