Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs (2021)

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A massage acts as a stress reliever as well as a means of helping you to relax. At times a massage parlor may be unreliable; that’s why a zero gravity massage chair at home is a perfect way to achieve a good massage. These chairs are unique as they balance your body weight for gravity. They are fitted with body massage beneath the foam and leather, hence helping you to relax by getting rid of tension between your muscles. The following are the top ten best zero gravity massage chairs you should consider when purchasing a massage chair for your use.

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A List of Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs (2021)

1. Luraco i7 Plus

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The Luraco i7 Plus is one of the top massage chairs that offer more than comfort but also value due its medical purposes. The massage chair comes with five user-friendly memory settings, 3D massage ability, and built-in blood pressure and heart rate monitor. The pause and resume buttons, as well as massage intensity and speed regulators, make Luraco i7 Plus one of the best massage chairs in the market.

2. Relaxonchair MKII Plus

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It comprises some unique design; the Relaxonchair MKII Plus is specially made to massage almost all body parts. Some of its excellent features include the deep tissue massage, the Buttlock L-racking massage system, lower back heating, computerized body scanning, and a full-size remote controller. The massage chair offers a human-like massage experience, but you will part with some few thousand to have it home.

3. Human Touch Novo XT2

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With a space-saving design, the Human Touch Novo XT2 is a user-friendly and comfortable massage chair. The massage chair has an anatomical spine curve that helps increase the massage coverage to your thighs and buttocks. Its adjustable underfoot rollers are known to unlock the real reflexology power. However, this massage chair lacks calf heat and memory settings. And it is available in variety of colors.

4. Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

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The Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair offers a great massage thanks to its adjustable massage speed and intensity, amazing air massage, immersive experience, and back and calf heat. Despite the Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair possessing basic massage techniques, it is still comfortable.

5. Osaki 3D Pro Ekon Massage Chair

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If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers the best calf massage, high-end 3D L-track, a sliding base, and human-like massage experience, then look no further. Osaki 3D Pro Ekon massage chair has got you covered with its six built-in programs and massage techniques. However, the massage chair lacks calf heat and adjustable heat temperature, as it possesses just one zero-G.

6. MB 4 Massage Chair Recliner

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The MB 4 massage chair is one of the best massage chair promising to offer a human-like massage experience. Its unlimited customizability, body scan technology, and chiropractic back stretch make it an advanced and ideal massage chair. On top of that, it is designed by over twenty-five medical specialists. However, the MB 4 massage chair is costly, but worth it.

7. Infinity It 8500X3

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The Infinity It 8500X3 is an advancement of the Infinity It 8500 well known for perfection in inversion therapy. It has built-in massage techniques programs, remotely adjustable intensity, and 4D massage ability due to traveling rollers. However, it lacks calf heat, memory functions, and a shirt S-track, but it remains comfortable. And it is available in 3 colors.

8. Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

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Known to possess a 3D body scan that allows the computer to find your sore spots, the Inada Dreamwave massage chair remains to be among the top massage chairs. Other great features of this massage chair are the back and seat heat, a vibration massage, and foot massage. Besides, you will enjoy a thorough calf and its customizability feature. However, it lacks temperature controls and short track design.

9. Kahuna LM-6800

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Rated as one of the best budget massage chairs, the Kahuna LM-6800 comes with a hybrid track design offering three zero-G positions. Good airbag massage, zone massage option, back and calf heat massage, and a full-body shiatsu massage chair recliner make Kahuna LM-6800 a massage chair choice for many.

10. MR Direct

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If you’re looking for a low budget massage chair, then the MR Direct massage chair might suit your needs. The MR Direct massage chair comes with thirty-five airbags to offer you the best air massage, modern design with an ergonomic shape, and three preset auto modes.


To sum up, massage has never been better without a well-designed massage chair. The above massage seats promise great massage experiences, thanks to their designers. Notably, costs and additional features remain to be the significant differences between them all. When choosing on the massage chair of your choice, you might need to consider other factors like the warranty and consumer services with come along the massage chair.

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