Top 10 Best Personal Safety Alarms in 2021

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It is always better to be safe than sorry. One of the top 10 best personal safety alarms in 2021 are designed to help keep you safe. With violence growing in the world, having an extra level of protection always come sin handy.

Plus, these personal safety alarms are very decorative and do not look like alarm systems. They blend in with your fashion look making sure they do not clash or embarrass you.

Then, these personal alarms can be used by both genders, whether they are young or old. These alarms help bring a little peace of mind to you and make your life a little easier to live. It pays to protect yourself from harm.

List Of Top 10 Best Personal Safety Alarms in 2021

10. WOHOME Safe Personal Alarm

 WOHOME Safe Personal

The 8 decorative colors do not detract from your outfit’s look nor do they hurt the effectiveness of these alarms. You get 130 decibels of help when you feel you are in danger.

Also, the little loop lets you attach the alarm to any spot on your clothes. Or you can use the metal ring and keep it on your key chain.Your location is up t you just as long as it is easy to access.

The long battery life and over 600 foot range makes sure you can depend on this alarm to help get you out of trouble. Pulling the pin activates the alarm and replacing it shuts it off. A built-in flashlight helps you see your way in the dark and get you home safe.

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9. Gaisten Safety Alarm

 Safety Alarm

Not everyone is a big strong male that can handle themselves in a fight. That is why this personal safety alarm is so important. It sends out a 140 decibel high pitched sound that is bound to draw someone’s attention.

That high pitched sound reaches up to 600 feet with ease. More than enough range to help you get yourself out of any difficulty. Just pull the pin when you are in need of aid. To stop the alarm just put the pin back in again.

Not only do you get to choose from 6 different colors, you get 6 alarms in one pack so everyone in the family can have extra protection. The included batteries should last you about 8 to 12 months before needing to be replaced.

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8. Humutu Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

3 long lasting batteries provide the power you need to activate these top personal safety alarms when trouble approaches. Once activated the alarms send out a 125 decibel sound that should attract some attention to your plight.

In addition to the loud noise, that sound reaches about 300 yards away from your location. Made from ABS plastic these alarms should be able to withstand normal treatment and a few sudden impacts.

The easy to use alarm attaches to a variety of items you carry with you every day. Plus, they can go on your dog’s collar to help disguise its purpose. Once powered up you get about 40 minutes of continuous sound before replacing the batteries. Just pull the pin to activate the alarm.

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7. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

 KOSIN Safe Sound

Inside this pack of personal safety alarms are 8 protective devices, all coming in a different color. That way you can disguise its presence and use it when it is the optimum time to alert others to your predicament.

After you pull the pin, the alarm sends out a 140 decibel sound that reaches the ears of anyone within the approx. 600 foot range. The compact alarm can fit in your pocket or hang on your key chain or wherever is the perfect spot for it to be.

On top of that a built-in flashlight gives you lots of illumination. You can see to put your keys in your car door’s lock or the path to your next destination. With this personal safety alarm around you can walk without fear at night.

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6. HUMUTU Safesound Personal Security Alarms

 Personal Alarm, HUMUTU

3 alarms come in this simple pack of personal safety alarms. They can be worn all at once giving you more than 40 minutes of continuous sound. Each alarm has the power for only 40 minutes.

In addition, once you activate this alarm, the noise everyone hears comes in at 130 decibels. That is loud enough to attract the attention of people up to 900 feet away. Its tear drop design helps keep strangers from knowing what the device is.

Also, you get an easy t use alarm that only requires the pin to be pulled to activate it. Put the pin back in when the trouble has disappeared. Men, women, children of all ages can safely use this alarm and get the help they need when they need it.

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5. SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren Song

SLFORCE Personal Alarm

All you need to upgrade your security is an easy to use personal safety alarm like this one. With one tug, you can get 130 decibels calling out for help in an instant. When not in use, it simply hangs wherever you put it waiting patiently, hoping it is never needed.

Once you activate the alarm it will go off for an hour or until you put the pin back in. There is a built-in flashlight you can use to blind your attacker or simply see your way as you walk at night.

The long range make sure more than enough people hear your alarm and come to your rescue. The compact alarm can be placed just about anywhere on your person or luggage.

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4. Taiker Personal Alarm for Women

 Personal Alarm for Women

It says for women but senior citizens, children of both genders can also make good use of this personal safety alarm system. It come sin 5 brilliant colors so it looks good and adds a little distinct decorative touch to your ensemble.

With its 140 decibel alarm and just over 600 foot range, your protection level is better than ever. After you pull the pin you have only 30 minutes of sound to call for help. An LED light is included to help you when the overall lighting in your location is not that good.

5 alarms are included in this purchase making sure you have more than enough to protect yourself and your family.

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3. Hacoon Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm, Safe Sound

Walk by yourself with a bit more confidence. Once you attach one of these 5 personal safety alarms to your key chain or other article of clothing, you have an extra level of protection.

The 130 decibel sound helps scare off would be troublemakers as the noise lasts for about 30 minutes approx. The long range makes sure a host of people are alerted to your plight and can bring some aid.

With the built-in LED flashlight, you can see your way through unlit areas with ease. Then the different colors make sure you can hide the alarms without messing up your fashion statement. That ability allows you to have even more confidence when you go outside.

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2. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal

Placing this personal safety alarm is the least of your worries. It hangs on your key chain, zipper, your dog’s collar and a hundred other places. Once in place you should be able to go outside without worrying there is no help near you.

After you get this alarm situated, you just need to pull the pin to activate it. When it is activated the sound reaches 140 decibels and about 600 feet. The sound will last for about 50 minutes unless you return the pin to its resting place.

With its ABS plastic construction, the alarm is not that heavy nor is it inconvenient to carry. A built-in flashlight sheds a little light on your situation when you need it.

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1. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

6 packs are not just for soda and beers. It is also for personal safety alarms. The number of alarms in this pack either provide you with a lot of back ups or you can protect your family with them.

A built-i flashlight come sin handy when the lights go out at night. Then if the need arises, you get 140 decibels that go out 600 feet or more from your location in all directions. The sound will continue for 50 minutes unless you turn it off.

If you do not use this alarm the batteries should last you for about a year. The alarm is also very durable and should handle normal day to day treatment with ease.

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Some final words

Give yourself a little peace of mind and upgrade your personal protection. You can do it if you use one of the top 10 best personal safety alarms in 2021. These alarms may be small but the pack a powerful punch with their loud noise and long range.

They also come in very decorative colors so no one needs to know you are wearing an alarm. Safety at its best.

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