Top 10 Best Wooden Trays in 2021

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With wood you get good looks, stability and a little charm. When the wood is transformed into one of the top 10 best wood trays in 2010 then you get a lot of storage room with that charm and good looks.

These top wood trays not only look good, they last. Built to handle normal day to day activities and bumps, these top wood trays should be in your family for a long time. They are also perfect for those people who like simple things to use.

One thing about wood trays. They are very eco friendly. You can protect the environment while keeping your things nice and organized. That is a good thing to do.

List Of Top 10 Best Wooden Trays in 2021

10. YBM HOME Kitchen Drawer Organizer Storage Box


Bamboo is a very exotic wood. When handled correctly everything made out of its wood is natural, and looks great. Plus, it is a very strong and sturdy wood construction material that makes this bamboo wood tray last and last.

Another good feature is that bamboo keeps its simplistic look no matter how you use it.This 14 by 10 inch wood tray is elegant as it is simple. No compartments means you can store odd shaped items inside.

Also, you can use it anywhere in the house you need a storage tray. It should fit in most drawers saving you table or desk top space. This is a wood tray that you can rely on to do the job you have in mind. Reliability is always a good characteristic.

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9. BambooMN Tea Serving Tray

Organic Bamboo

4 o’clock is tea time in Britain and what a way to serve your guests tea. This top bamboo tea serving tray is outstanding in its quality and its looks. Made from organic bamboo yo are not bringing any harmful chemicals into your home.

On top of that, the wood grain bottom brings a delightful decorative touch that should please your guests. It is certainly easy on the eyes. The 1 by 5 1/2 inch size is large enough to hold 4 cups of nice hot tea.

Then the raised edges makes sure your cups, saucers. Spills and more stay on the tray and do not reach your floor. Impress your guests with your good taste and sound wood tray judgment when y ou come out of the kitchen with this product.

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8. My Gift Rustic Torched Wood Serving Tray

Rustic Torched Wood

The metal handles on this top wood tray make sure you can carry your fine desserts and cups of tea of coffee without worry. They are strong, and can endure a lot of use. Plus, they do not detract from the overall look of the tray.

With its wood burned style, you can pretend you are back in the good old wild west blazing a trail for others to follow. Its 20 by 14 inch size makes sure there is enough room for everything you want to serve.

The 2 inch walls keep your items on the tray and prevents them from slipping off accidentally. The tray looks so good, you can use it as a storage tray for your smaller desk items. Versatility is this wood tray’s middle name.

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7. Besti Rustic Vintage Food Serving Trays

Besti Rustic Vintage

2 is always better than one. When you purchase this set of wood trays you get two to handle all your serving needs. With two trays on hand you do not have to worry about how you are get your items from the kitchen to the table.

Made from solid wood, these top trays also come with metal handles. Their discrete look complements the rustic style of the wood adding another layer of charm to each tray The knotty pine construction material adds to that rustic charm.

In addition, there are 2 sizes in this set. The larger size is about 16 by 12 inches and the smaller tray comes in at 13 by 9 inches. More than enough serving space for your little tea parties.

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6. Lipper International Bamboo Wood Serving Tray

Lipper International

The 2 inch walls make sure you have enough security as you carry your tray full of goodies to your guests. The walls are high enough so that a child can do the serving without fear of dropping his or her load.

On top of that when you purchase this wood tray you are getting 20 by 14 inches of serving area. That should be enough to handle what you want your guests to eat and drink. Then then built-in handles makes carrying the tray super easy.

With a light overall look, your roo and table should look a lot brighter with this bamboo tray gracing the area. Its sturdy construction means that it can handle cold or hot food and drinks with ease. The wood tray should last for years.

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5. iDesign Formbu Wood Toilet Tank Top Storage Tray

 iDesign Formbu Wood

This nicely designed wood tray helps you highlight those items you want your guests to see when they use your bathroom. Its size should fit most toilet tank tops without going over the edge of the tank top.

If you decide to relocate this top bamboo tray, wood edges act as handles so lifting and carrying is not a difficult task to perform. Inside the lips you have room to place a variety of items for display

The 16 by 6 inch approx. Size is just right to cover your toilet tank top and make your bathroom look a lot better. Its shallow lips still keep your items safe inside while not blocking your view of what you put in there. This wood tray is a simple decorative touch to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

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4. Lipper International Acacia Curved Serving Tray

Lipper International

If you want an exotic look t your home, then this is the tray for you. Made from Acacia wood, this wood tray exudes exotic as well as making a tropical statement. Cut out handles make sure there is no trouble in grabbing or lifting the tray off its perch.

In addition, you have curved 2 1/2 inch sides that make the tray decorative as well as very practical. Your items will be highlighted while being kept secure inside. This tray should upgrade any decor you have in your home.

Also, the large 20 by 14 inch size gives you lots of options when deciding what to place inside. The dark color does not clash with its surroundings.

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3. Walnut Hollow Unfinished Wood Serving Tray

Walnut Hollow Unfinished

The unfinished look is not a manufacture going cheap on you. Instead, the make wants you to finish it according to your tastes and needs. You can design this tray to hold any color finish you want . You have complete freedom.

Plus, the included wood grain should complement your home’s decor if you finish the wood tray correctly. This tray is putty in your hands. After you are finished decorating this tray, you have cut out handles to hold its 15 by 11 inch size.

The almost 3 inch sides are high enough to hold anything you put on its base. They are high enough to handle taller objects.

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2. Home It wooden tray with handles

Serving tray bamboo

This top bamboo wood tray is an excellent way to have breakfast in bed. Its good looks help you get the day started on the right foot. High walls and cut out handles ensure that spills are a thing of the past.

On top of that, you are getting one tough tray. Bamboo is not a weak wood and this tray should hold up passing the test of time with ease. Its 16 1/2 by 10 inch approx. Size holds your bacon and eggs breakfast with ease.

When you want to treat your wife like a queen, this is the tray you need to choose to use.

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1. Multicraft Imports Paintable Wooden Trays

Multicraft Imports WS410 5

Buying unfinished trays is not wrong. You get an opportunity to express your creativity and design these wood trays they way you want them to look. With 5 trays in this set, you have lots of chances to perfect your talent.

Each tray comes in a different size so you can stack them and save on storage space. Cut out handles make sure everyone can grab a tray without spilling the contents. The wood may be unfinished but its strength is still there.

These top trays are very sturdy and should handle your serving tasks without complaint. They should also look good no matter where you put them when not in use. Their high sides makes sure nothing comes off the base when in transition.

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Some final words

Serving your guests and impressing them at the same time takes special trays. These top 10 best wood trays in 2021 are those special trays. They are strong, good looking and hold lots of items so your parties come off flawlessly.

Also, wood has a way of making any event better. It just has that natural look everyone likes.

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